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Parents: We are seeing an increase in the number of students with
Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus.
Hand, Foot, and Mouth is a common viral illness that starts as a low
grade fever. A flat rash that may or may not develop into blisters may
follow one to days later. The rash is most common on the hands,
around or in the mouth, in the throat, and on the feet and may be very
uncomfortable. It may also appear on the stomach and buttocks.
Please be aware of the following symptoms and watch for the
 Low grade fever
 Reduced appetite
 Sore throat
 A feeling of tiredness or “unwellness”
The virus is most contagious during the fever stage but may remain so if
open blisters are present.
Students may return to school when the fever has been gone for 24
hours. If they have a blistered rash, the blisters must be scabbed over
before returning to school. Please contact your physician regarding
comfort remedies for the blisters.

Nicki Hammond, BSN/RN
School Nurse
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